Drones and smart solutions for agriculture

XAG P100 Pro

Save water and reduce chemical use. Rotary nozzles that never clog, applicable to multiple chemicals from oil-based, suspension to soluble powder.  


XAG P100

The XAG P100 agricultural drone has a structure that can separate the UAV platform and the payload, integrating efficient spraying and precision spraying modules. This powerful and reliable drone is essential to usher in a new era of intelligent agriculture.


XAG R150

XAG SuperX 4 Pro Intelligent Control System delivers ultra-computing and RTK cm-level positioning, which enables R150 2022 to operate autonomously with smart route planning.




Within the XAG product range you will find spray drones, so you have the opportunity to work on crop protection, learn about the full range and the different ways of spraying.

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The Chinese company XAG, which specializes in agricultural drones, has been developing this type of technology year by year, proving that drones can perform tasks with high precision and automatically, giving preference to tasks performed in the field. XAG is committed to bringing drones, robots, autopilot, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to the world of agricultural production.

It will create an ecosystem of smart agriculture that will lead us into the era of Agriculture 4.0, characterized by automation, precision and efficiency.


XAG aims to offer and integrate drones, robots, artificial intelligence and other "high-tech" products into the world of agricultural production. To create an intelligent agricultural ecosystem that will lead us into the era of precision agriculture, characterized by automation, precision and efficiency.

Global collaborations for the future

Sustainable development Technology is one of the greatest pioneers of our time. The development of agriculture is XAG's business goal, as well as social responsibility as a corporate citizen. XAG has established research and development bases in more than 20 countries and regions with international large companies such as Bayer, Alibaba, Huawei and Ping An Insurance Group to jointly promote intelligent agriculture and thus the sustainable development of mankind.