Designed for agriculture

The XAG P100 agricultural drone has a structure that can separate the UAV platform and payload, integrating efficient spraying and precision spraying modules. It is the powerful and reliable drone that is essential to open up a new era of smart agriculture.

Efficient dispersion

280 kg by charging one battery pack ¹

Precision spraying

Sprayed droplet size: 60-400 μm
Flow rate (one pump): 0.3-6 L/min (adjustable)

Safe and reliable

Dynamic radar, intelligent obstacle avoidancee

Fully autonomous flight

One tap to manage your centimetre-level navigation in the RTK app

Dismountable design

Quick conversion, easy to carry

Easy to separate payload design for easier transport

Payloads can be easily detached from the drone"s flying platform to reduce handling weight for easier transport and maintenance.

IPX7 water resistance

Double secured buckles, Quick assembly and disassembly

Strong and robust design


"Mega-Flow" Technology EVERY TIP PRECISION

Combine the new peristaltic pump and nozzle shut-off value with sophisticated central nozzle atomization technology to improve both flow rate and efficiency. The next step in precision spraying!

New generation peristaltic pump

Max. flow rate: 12 L/min

Intelligent centrifugal spraying

Sprayed droplet size: 60-400 μm

Effective plant protection

Max. spray width: 10 m²

Nozzle shut-off valve

No leakage during turning and transport

Quick release spray arm

Easy to fold, open, transport and maintain

40 litre "Smart Tank"

Real-time liquid level detection


Accurate and highly efficient spray pattern

Use a completely new design. To increase efficiency and precision, adapt your methodology to agricultural drones and incorporate this new technology into your farm, in addition to spraying.

Vertical centrifugal spreading disc

Strong wind resistance, precision spreading

Intelligent screw dispenser

Replace the auger feeder according to the size of the granules to ensure accuracy and even spreading in all cases.

60 litre granulate tank

The sensor continuously measures the granulate in the hopper to avoid skips and empty discs.

Fast dispersion in flight

The flight speed is up to 13.8 m/s. One battery pack can be enough to spread 280 kg of fertiliser.³

Precisely adjustable spreading width

You can easily adjust the spread width through the flight altitude.

Quick release, Washable with water

The screw dispenser can be quickly removed and is easy to clean

A smart partner in the world of digital agriculture

The SuperX 4 Pro intelligent control system combines artificial intelligence algorithms and a high-performance drive train. Integrated with flexible task systems, this enhanced control module easily achieves fully autonomous precision spraying and spreading operations.

1 GHz independent processor

Fast algorithm and fast response

Dual antenna RTK + fixed/portable station

Positioning and navigation with Cm accuracy

Dual-link communication

Stable operation both on LAN and in non-conforming network conditions

Advanced control

Fully optimises flight and efficiency

3 x IMU + MI fault prediction

For an even safer flight

Automatic route planning

Plan your flight route based on terrain, battery and how it will be used

Can be used on most terrains, easily avoids obstacles

Combined with a dynamic radar elevation adaptive module, it detects oncoming obstacles and the nearby environment during flight. It detects the position, distance, direction and speed of obstacles. It can autonomously predict obstacles within a range of 40 meters to avoid landmarks. This provides protection in all dimensions of flight.

Dynamic radar
Quickly detects obstacles above and below within 40 metres. ⁴

Terep radar module
Terrain radar and optical flow ensure precision detection of terrain at different heights

Pilot Sight Livestream
Visibility of the terrain, greater protection for flight safety

Display real-time operational images so that pilots can be informed of both flight condition and the status of the fleet. Precision and safe drone operation in harsh environments.

Designed for even more efficient industrial performance


New electric motor

Significantly improved performance


47 inch propeller

Durable and lightweight


Integrated FOC ESCs

Precisely regulates power to reduce energy consumption

A stronger, smarter and safer battery

The all-new B13960S smart battery has more power and super fast charging

Charging station, Generator

Smart battery

Two options, take control in different circumstances

For fully autonomous and precise farm work via the XAG One App, and for manual control, use the new control lever.


  • Support for ongoing operations in the case of ground work on several parcels.
  • Dual-link communication, more stable operation
  • Android and iOS compatible, iOS6 more convenient to use
  • Multiple language support


  • Providing manual RTK training
  • Small land without mapping
  • Button-based manual control
  • Supports uploading flight itinerary to smartphone
  • Supports 4G mobile network

Special Notice:
1.3 The data are calculated by applying a full tank of 40 kg urea seven times over an area of about 30 m for about 22 minutes. The operational parameters of the P100 are 10 kg/0.06 ha, 7 m spray width, 13.8 m/s flight speed. Data include granule loading, take-off and landing times for practical operations.
2. Data for practical operations depend on the actual situations. All parameters and data related to the product are the result of standard laboratory tests. Specific performance may vary depending on working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use the product strictly according to the official instructions and guidelines for the product
4. The effective detection range may vary depending on the material, location, shape, etc. of the object.
5. Laboratory studies show that under general operating conditions, the GC4000+ can fully charge the B13960S battery from 30% to 95% in 11 minutes. Specific performance may vary depending on working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use strictly in accordance with official product guidelines.
6. The iOS app is currently not available.
7. The coverage range is calculated at a flight altitude of 5 meters in an open and unobstructed environment without electromagnetic interference, and the equivalent isotropic radiated power (EIRP) meets the FCC certification standard. Specific performance may vary depending on working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use strictly in accordance with official product guidelines.