Designed for agriculture

The XAG P100 agricultural drone has a structure that can separate the UAV platform and payload, integrating efficient spraying and precision spraying modules. It is the powerful and reliable drone that is essential to open up a new era of smart agriculture.

Efficient dispersion

280 kg by charging one battery pack ¹

Precision spraying

Spray droplet size: 60-400 μm
Flow rate (one pump): 0.3-6 L/min (adjustable)

Safe and reliable

Dynamic radar, intelligent obstacle avoidance

Fully autonomous flight

One tap to manage your centimetre-level navigation in the RTK app

Dismountable design

Quick conversion, easy to carry

Flying platform + cargo system

Payloads can be easily detached from the drone"s flying platform to reduce handling weight for easier transport and maintenance.

IPX6K protection to fight corrosion, longer life

Quick to dismantle in the field and easy to transport on the move

One cable connection for plug & play

kep11 kep10
  • Pretty big

    Increased to the nominal payload:
    50 kg

  • Still Small enough

    Folded to reduce storage volume:

XAG RevoSpray 3
Variable speed precision spraying

Save water and reduce chemical use. Rotating nozzles that never clog can be used for a wide range of chemicals from oil-based to suspension to soluble powder.

50 L

Intelligence tank

1-22 L/min

Adjustable flow rate

5-10 m

Spray width

60-400 μm

Droplet size range


Designed for AgriFuture

1 GHz independent processor
Dual-link communication
Dual antenna RTK +
Fix/portable station access
AI error prediction

XAG RevoCast 3
Seed and fertilizer application from the airr

Precise and strong wind resistance. Smart auger feeders fit a variety of granules from rapeseed, rice seed, urea to compound fertiliser.

80 L


150 kg/min

Max. Scattering nominal capacity

3-7 m

Spray width

1-6 mm

Compatibility granule size

4D imaging radar
Extremely effective, but above all, safety

It immediately detects obstacles along the way. Safety is further enhanced by dual PSL cameras to monitor the terrain.

  • Detection range
  • Max. relative speed of obstacle avoidance
    13.8 m/s

A stronger, smarter and safer battery

The all-new B13960S smart battery has more power and super fast charging

Two options, take control in different circumstances

For fully autonomous and precise farm work via the XAG One App, and for manual control, use the new control lever.


  • Support for continuous operation in the case of multi parcel ground work.
  • Dual-link communication, more stable operation
  • Android and iOS compatible, iOS6 more convenient to use
  • Multiple language support