Applicable to all agricultural work

"I wish I had a
reliable partner"

"I am the only one"

Autonomous operation
Precíziós vezetés

RTK centimetre-level positioning

Multifunctional design

Pruning, plant protection, transport

Easy to use

Two-hand remote control, one tap to operate the app

I cross the field and the river

Reliable design, outstanding performance.
Suited for a wide range of applications.


I do the farm work myself.

The XAG SuperX 4 Pro intelligent control system provides ultra-
computational and RTK cm-level positioning, allowing the R150 2022
to operate autonomously with intelligent route planning.

Strong algorithm, Fast response

1 GHz independent processor

Centimetre-level positioning

Dual antenna RTK + fixed station access

Work with me and relax

The two types of interaction and four modes of operation give you the
most suitable control experience for different applications.


  • One-tap app, smart route planning
  • Accurate execution of multiple operations
  • Compatible with Android and IOS

XAG agricultural remote control 3

  • 4 rotary knobs, different buttons,
    easy to use
  • Optionális ARC3 - RTK modul
  • High capacity, long battery life
    -up to 5-6 hours

Route Mode
Multiple routes, execute autonomously

Remote Control Mode
Quick start, easy to use

I am the transformer of the economy

With an interchangeable carrier for easy attachment of implements, this
one vehicle meets all your agricultural needs.

The 360° atomizer sprayer with adjustable droplet size is perfect for use in forestry, orchards, disinfection and many other areas.

Intelligent airflow atomization
60-200 μm adjustable droplet size

Double gimbal design
All-direction spraying

150 L
Rated capacity liquid tank

12 m
Max. Spray width(3)

Adjust the power and forward speed based on the thickness of the weeds to easily cut shrubs, reeds and more. The optimal solution for soil improvement and orchard weeding.

Intelligent variable speed mowing
Maximising work efficiency

alloy steel double blade
Adjustable height between 2-17 cm

Digital operation
Traceable operational data

90 cm
Maximum cutting width

Intelligent round-trip routing gets your materials to their destination without a hitch.

200 kg
Maximum payload

1080 x 1080 mm
Stable stand

1. Laboratory research shows that under general operating conditions, the GC4000+ Auto SuperCharge Station can fully charge a B13960S battery from 30% to 95% in 11 minutes. Specific performance may vary depending on working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use strictly according to the official product guidelines.
2. The iOS app is currently not available.
3. Data for practical operations depend on the actual situations. All product-related parameters and data are the results of standard laboratory tests. Specific performance may vary depending on working environment, temperature, user habits, etc. Please use the product strictly according to the official instructions and guidelines for the product.